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Thursday, February 23, 2006



Hey, I just noticed that you read "The Fourth Turning." That is a wierd yet bizarrely interesting book. I read it whenever it came out, maybe eight or nine years ago, and thought at the time that the authors had a fascinating but totally unprovable thesis. But I loved all the little theories about generational traits, even if, like astrology, they seem to speak to everybody.

Rob A.

I had read The 13th Generation years ago when I was somewhat obsessed about the role my Generation X was going to play in this country. I had been meaning to read 4th Turning for years but finally picked it up around Christmas. It's an interesting view of history and if I were a history grad student (or better blogger) I'd do something comparing their 4 generational archetype classifications with Meade's 4 foreign policy schools. I was thinking about that the whole time I read it.

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