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Saturday, December 31, 2005



I'm sure you'll find it hard to believe, but I don't own any Ryan Adams CDs. But I've liked the bits and pieces of songs I've heard. What one or two would you recommend as good starters?

Rob A.

Tough one.

Heartbreaker: 1st solo album after he broke up Whiskeytown. Contains his best song, IMHO, "Come Pick Me Up." Worth it just for that tune, but also includes several other "great" songs: Oh My Sweet Carolina, Winding Wheel, To Be Young (To Be Sad), and Damn Sam (I Love a Woman That Rains).

Gold: His commercial breakout featuring New York, New York and When the Stars Go Blue (which was covered by The Corrs and Bono). Several other very good to near great songs.

Demolition: I'm pretty sure this was just a throw away album of left over material but it might be my favorite in that I think I really like every song on it. You can also tell he's feeling out his rock chops which led to...

Rock N Roll: Pass on this one. Uneven (how's that for a rock critic word). I think was living too close to CBGB's and tried to channel some of that scene but he's better at the country-rock end of the spectrum, I feel.

Love Is Hell [EP] & Love Is Hell [Full Version]: I think I only have the EP and while "Avalanche" is in my Top 10 Ryan Adams songs, I say pass. Also, his slow-ass version of "Wonderwall" isn't is a good as you think after the first couple of listenings.

Which brings us to the three from the post and while I lean towards JCN, Cold Roses is close. Also, I only really know one of the Whiskeytown albums, Pneumonia which is unbelievable.

So in summation:

If you're looking for just one, go with Heartbreaker. If you like it check out Gold, Demolition, and Pneumonia.

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