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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Chris A.

I lived in Elmont for two years after I graduated college. His parent still lived in the neighborhood. I used to see his mother's Black Mercedes with the personalized license plat: HSMN85 or something to that effect. It was held in place by a Baltimore Ravens plate holder. So you knew it was them.

Better yet, my landlord used to go to school with Vinny from elementary school through high school. The inside has it that his fame got to his head a bit and he became quite an asshole. Who knows, maybe he's a better guy now.

Regardless, I hope my high school friend, Jay Fiedler, gets better soon and takes the helm of the ailing Jets. I have another friend from HS that just moved out to Colorado and when the Jets come to Denver this year we'll try and track Jay down for some drinks...

Rob A.

...And you once made out with Chad Pennington's 3rd cousin at summer camp...

Just kidding, Vinny's Vinny and will never be much more. Herm better hope Brooks Bollinger has a good run as starter.

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