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Saturday, August 20, 2005



LMAO!!! For those frequent visitors to FWF?, you will be happy to know that Rob's college roomates are well aware of all of these irritations and would appropriately administer the same throughout the year. Wet sponges left on a pillow, tiny rolled up pieces of paper under his blanket. His reactions were golden. Way beyond any normal person's response. I would like to add that he dislikes greatly wet wood, like wooden spoons. He'll never use them.

My personal favorite was this set of silverware that his mother had at her house. It had ridges along the handles that would make what Rob would consider a viscerally annoying sound when you ran your nail over it. He would never use that set and I would insist on searching it out when invited for dinner. I would even use them when eating pizza, just for the hell of it. Good times!!!

Rob A.

Oh shit! I totally forgot about my mom's old silverware. That's probably where it started.


ummm...milk? i'll let you elaborate. and the "sound" can also be made by scratching (or accidentally brushing against)nylon used in things like bags and windbreakers...

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