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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Chris A.

On First Recon-I have a friend in Colorado who I used to work with that went to OCS for the Marines. He received a slot for First Recon training. Although he did not move forward with his military career, he said the limited First Recon training he did receive was intense.

There is a sort of "myth" perhaps about one of the excersises these guys run. Whether or not it is true, I do not know. I apologize if I relay this inadequately.

At the start a team of about 4 marines are given a dog to train, take care of and make one of their own. They become very close with this animal as any dog owner would understand. Then they are set out into the middle of nowhere with limited food and supplies to achieve their objective. What invariably occurs is that their food runs out and there is nothing to fish or hunt. Faced with starvation, the group must choose whether or not to kill their dog and sustain their lives. One account of this describes a marine utilizing his morphine to humanely put the dog to sleep. Another marine in the group refuses to give up his morphine for the same and is persuaded (forcibly perhaps) to do otherwise.

These are the things we do not like to see in this world, however they reflect the required training necessary to deal with even greater undesirable elements of our imperfect modern experience.

Rob A.

The Recon Marines are basically the Special Forces of the Marines from what I read in GK. He doesn't really get into the training so much but he does mention that they go through the insane POW type training so that they're prepared for that possibility.

Wright describes one account of this training that pretty fucked up. Like you said, civilians like us have no idea what it takes to reach that level.

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