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Friday, June 03, 2005



How is the book going? I'm thinking of purchasing the book however,i'm waiting till you finish the book and your review.

Rob A.

Gunny Wynnn is harsher. "We're Americans," he lectures the men. "We must be sure when we take a shot that we are threatened. You have go to see that these people ar just like you. You've go to see past the huts, the camels, the different clothes they wear. They're just people. The family here might lose a son. We shot their camels, too. If you kill one camel, that could be a year's income. We're not here to destroy their way of life."

But then Gunny Wynn seems to almost reverse himself. "I'm not saying don't protect yourselves. If it's a case of losing one Marine versus one hundred civilians, I will save the Marine. You've just got to be goddamm careful."


I'm about 1/2 way through it and I can recommend it highly. The above passage is the crux of the book. The moral dilemmas the Marines faced in the opening weeks of the race to Baghdad. Wright's style makes this a quick read and he really does an excellent job depicting the living conditions (horrible, shitting on the side of the road, etc.) that the Marines endured and the personalities of the Marines themselves that he was riding with. Scary at times, hysterical at others.

Pick it up, you won't regret it.

Dave Justus

I've ordered this based upon your recommendation.

Rob A.

That's a lot of pressure Dave.

I finished it last night and just posted a review.

Dave Justus

Don't feel any pressure. I buy books constantly, often just on the title or the cover, so even if it is a real stinker, it probably won't be worse than a lot that I buy :)

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