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Saturday, October 16, 2004



Congratulations! We had our wedding anniversary (16th) yesterday. It is a great time of year. Where are you going on the 'moon? We went to Florence and Rome, and it was awesome in October.

Rob A.

Thanks Jack. Happy Anniversary!

We're actually not going on our "real" honeymoon until January when we go to St. Lucia. Next week we'll be down in Pompano Beach at Chrissy's parents' condo. Didn't want to risk hurricane season in the Caribbean.

[We'll also be fulfillng Chrissy's lifelong dream of swimming with the dolphins. (Personally, I don't even like dogs all that much and now I'm supposed to play around with razor-toothed dolphins.) So if you read about newlyweds being attacked by dolphins at the Miami Seaquariam next week it may be us.]

Uh, maybe I better start getting ready. Thanks again.

Sissy Willis

Tears of joy, big time. May the sun shine long and bright on your many, many days together. God bless.


Congrats Rob!

Val Prieto

Sheesh, sorry for being late to the party! A heartfelt congratulations to the both of you. May your honeymoon last many many years.

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