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Thursday, July 15, 2004



Rob, you're a fraud investigator! Use the vast resources at your disposal to figure this thing out.

I did check the flight number, which is the NWA flight from Detroit to Los Angeles. I Googled Annie Jacobson, and got more than a hundred hits. I'm going to hunt around the TSA web site and see if I can find more.

Rob A.

I googled her too last night. She's a real person who writes for a real magazine. She kind of looks like Ally McBeal.

The disclaimer by her editors in the beginning of the piece sounds reasonable. I did find it weird that Jacobsen cited Ann Coulter but we (the blogosphere) knew that the FAA does/did have those rules in place about fining airlines for screening multiple ME men. Jacobsen was shocked by this info. It's something we knew already.

The guy who called bullshit on the story is basing it on his flight attendent friend's opinion that the FA in the story wouldn't have told her and her husband that there were Air Marshalls on board. People panic and don't always follow protocol. The FA's behavior isn't enough for me to rule out the entire account.

The reason why I think it sounds suspicious is because the Syrians were already at the gate when Jacobsen's family was making their connection. There's no way for her to really know if they were screened or not. She's assuming they weren't. But the flight left from Detroit. It's likely that these guys were screened (FWIW) at Detroit when they got there.

If it wasn't a dry run, maybe they were just doing coke in the bathroom. But I doubt it.

Rob A.

Actually she's more Cameron Diaz than Ally McBeal.

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