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Monday, July 26, 2004



One reason I keep my blog relatively anonymous (if someone is really interested, they could figure it all out) is that my sons are in the military, and serve in war zones. I learned a long time ago in survival school that the enemy can make good use of something so simple--ask John McCain.

Rob A.

Jeez Mike, I didn't even think of that.

Phyllis L.

Rob A.,
Thank you for believing who I am. Yes, I certainly am Dustin's mother. I made a special point to be there in attendance of his birth!
Mike is correct. I try to keep info. relatively anonymous for the safety of our troops and my family.
My neighbor in the Army was killed on 5/28/04 in Iraq and believe it or not when the media realized I was a close friends of his and his family some were digging in my mailbox trying to get my full name. They then used that to start calling me for interviews!
Ron Harris, of The St. Louis Post, wrote the original article and can verify that I am Dustin's Mom. He attended Homecoming in Sept. 2003 in Twentynine Palms when the men returned home from their first deployment. We met then. Great guy!
He (along with the photographer Andy Cutraro- also another great guy) were embedded with 3/7 during their push into Baghdad during the war. Both returned to Iraq to embed with our guys for two months this year. Ron was the only reporter there for the battle.
After they left, Michael Phillips went to Husaybah for a short period. He is with The Wall Street Journal. He knows me because of Dustin and we maintain intermittent contact via e-mail, but have not personally met.
Thank you for your very humble thanks and prayers. It means a lot to me and my family that our guys our not forgotten.
I meant to mention it on my first post, CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement!
Phyllis L.
VPMM of Corp. Dustin M.

Rob A.

Thanks for the congratulations, the wedding's less than 3 months away!

It's good to hear that there are some honest reporters who can do their job and provide some comfort to the military families.

I appreciate you coming by here and you can be sure that I won't ever forget any of our people in uniform.

Stay well, Phyllis.

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