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Tuesday, July 20, 2004



A "screen-cap retard"? Heh! That's nuanced retardation indeed.

Fox is beating the drums big time on this story, but if you surf over to the morning shows of the other networks you get the usual diet stories.

Pixy Misa

The Miami Herald had it on their home page (I was catching up on Dave Barry!) but now it's gone. NYT: Zip. WaPo: Zip.

Pixy Misa

NYT: Click on the Washington link, scroll down below all the "major" stories like "Threat of Police Pickets Adds to Boston's Worries", and there it is, "Clinton Aide Took Classified Material", as white a wash as you could wish.

As Hewitt suggests, if it were Condi Rice, the story would take up the first four pages.

Rob A.

Exactly. Still nothin'.

Jack's post on this notes the NYT front page exclusive on the new fashion trend of not tucking in your shirt! Is that a scoop or what?

How about the new fashion trend of former NSAs wearing their pants stuffed with classified documents? It will soon be all the rage.

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