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Tuesday, March 30, 2004



Oh I see. Wow that's incredible. You make a great point! I guess it's not possible to invest in the legitimate avenues of the oil industry. I still don't see how the Kerry's oil investments have anything to do with the affects of the Iraq war on the current oil market. Then again conservatives couldn't possibly be accused of "chopping up" the facts and somehow distorting it to the point where it resembles an even more freakish Frankenstein's monster. Only the "liberal" media and Democrats in general do that. Right? With that said, what makes any conservative the arbiter of good taste and humor anyway? I never thought you guys were funny to begin with. How does one laugh with a stick shoved so far up their you know what's?

Rob A.

First of all, you should probably relax.

The initial post was really referring to likely Kerry voters who believe the "war-for-oil" canard. And don't tell me Kerry's funny because you know he's a stiff.

The UPDATE with the link to the Late Final post was merely to bring new information to conversation. Of course I don't care that Kerry made money, it's just the paradox between what Kerry does and the view that many-not all-of his supports believe. He's not the knight in shining armor fighting against corporate interests that he pretends to be or that many believe he is.


There you go again telling me what I should and should not do/think. Don't you guys ever stop? I'll relax when the circumstance calls for such measures.

Moving on, I'd like to address your last comment regarding the so-called "paradox" that you feel so strongly a need to shine the "holier than though" light on. Your assumption that the majority of his supporters are dupes, because that is essentially what you are saying, don't fully understand the nature of politics. Apparently that realm is reserved for conservatives.

I personally do not consider myself a Kerry supporter but it chaps my butt when conservatives portray these political hypocrisies as being indigenous only to the left. I suppose I should take into account the source. I know that this is going to sound like some child’s fanciful wish but is it too much too ask for some balanced perspective even from the right? Amir Teheri and Thomas Friedman are perhaps my two favorite columnists because in this person’s humble opinion they represent the true middlesphere of political analysis.

Robert, I will now exhale, relax, and repeat to myself over and over again; there is no place like home, there is no place like home. Because in fact, I truly love this screwed up country. With all her blemishes and scars she is still the best looking girl at the ball. I wouldn’t trade her in for any other.

Rob A.

I tried to be careful as to not say what you're implying. I was careful in the original post and even more careful in my reponse to your comment; I was trying to point out that a certain portion (I don't know what that portion is, precisely) of the "corporation hating" left and lesser informed drones that don't do their homework may think twice if they were a little more informed. Or worse are willing to look the other way for one of "their" guys while at the same time villifying Bush & Co. for the same conduct.

I know the word "drones" is a little heavy-handed and I wouldn't deny that that all sides of this debate have their own. I wasn't lumping all Kerry-supporters into this category. Sorry if you read that way. Hope this serves as suitable clarification.

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