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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Larry Mahnken

The key difference is that Williams flipped the helmet over his back, Young turned and flipped the bat at the umpire. Williams was showing the same kind of disgust, but it was quite obvious that he had no intent to throw the helmet near the umpire.

Throwing a helmet is a less serious offense than throwing a bat, anyway, you'll injure someone much more severely with a bat than a helmet.

But if Bernie were suspended that would certainly help the Yankees a lot. If you really hate the Yankees, you should root for MLB to mandate he play every day. In center.

Not Marv Cook

Larry, is there anywhere you aren't?

I agree with you by the way.

Mike Bradley

You're right about Bernie, he won't get suspended at all, that's what happens when you play for the Yankees. And Larry, that's exactly what I said when it first happens, they should MAKE him play and shouldn't let him retire until at least 2010.


There's a huge difference between Young's move and Williams'. Young's was intentional, where as Williams' was not. On top of that, Young has had anger management issues. Bernie has not. And just like Larry said, a bat and a helmet two very different things.

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