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Sunday, February 13, 2005



Good to know - my wife has been opposed to seeing it, for reasons that escape me. I'll tell her you said it didn't suck as bad as you thought it would, and she'll fall for it.

She's a sucker for things praised with faint damns. Or something like that.


I'm more focused on the part about the "four day Valentine's extravaganza." You're not doing the rest of us any favors, Rob.

Rob A.

You're right Jack, bad form. The wife teaches in the city on Monday nights so we had to move up the "celebration" to the weekend. I'll shut up now.


Status report: Hitch brought in $31.8 million this weekend, and $18 of that was me and the better half.

She liked it, as did I. Your recommendation seems to have been the straw that turned the camel's game around. Or some mixed metaphor like that.

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